The CMS460-D is Bender’s solution to monitoring mulitple loads at once. Designed to measure
over and under current conditions, the CMS460-D is capable of monitoring and measuring up to
12 channels thru the use of applicable measuring current transformers. The maximum system
voltage to be monitored is dependent on the nominal voltage inslulation of the measuring
current transformer, providing the user flexibility of installation. Designed with the principle
advanced information and safety, the CMS460-D is the perfect solution for mission-critical
facilities, sensitive loads, fire and plant protection.

Product Details


  • Optional AC or pulsed DC sensitive measurements for each channel
  • r.m.s. value measurement
  • 12 measuring channels per individual device for load current
  • Up to 90 evaluators CMS460-D in the system (1080 measuring channels)
  • Fast parallel scanning for all channels
  • Response ranges 100 mA…125 A (42…2000 Hz)
  • Preset function
  • Adjustable time delays
  • Adjustable frequency behaviour (e.g. fire and plant protection)
  • History memory with date and time stamp for 300 data records/channel
  • Data logger for 300 data records/channel
  • Analysis of the harmonics, THD
  • Two alarm relays with one changeover contact each
  • N/O or N/C operation and fault memory selectable
  • Connection external test and reset button
  • Backlit graphical display (7-segment display) and alarm LEDs
  • Data exchange via BMS bus
  • Password protection for device setting
  • RoHS compliant


  • Monitoring of loads and installations for load currents in the frequency range of 42…2000 Hz
  • Monitoring of currents regarded as fire hazards in flammable atmospheres
  • EMC monitoring of TN systems for “stray currents” and additional N-PE connections
  • Monitoring of N conductors for overload caused by harmonics
  • Monitoring of PE and equipotentional bonding conductors to ensure they are free of current